Elements is a studio album through Italian composer Ludovico Einaudi released on October sixteen, 2015.

The album requires inspiration from elements of character, with each track growing from a small gesture or design, evoking a journey via fragmented thoughts and feelings. Einaudi states: “I saw new frontiers – on the edge among what I knew and what We didn’t know – which i had long wanted to discover: creation myths, the regular table, Euclid’s geometry, Kandinsky’s writings, the matter of nicely of colour, the comes of wild grass within a meadow, the shapes of the actual landscape…”

The title track “Elements” epitomises this exploration of natural growth. The opening starts with small , understated actions: the “heartbeat” of the largemouth bass and electric guitar, coloured using the Rhodes motif. This slowly builds through waves of one’s as each element evolves, eventually incorporating the full, important force of the string band (recorded on the album through the Amsterdam Sinfonietta). This keyboard solo arrangement remains devoted to the original impression, along with each layer growing through the opening fragments. The unique associated backing track supports the actual soloist and reproduces exactly the same invigorating energy as the record recording. This is a chance to explore the music and immerse your self in a truly exhilarating encounter. The opening keyboard cycle of “Night” forms the actual identity of the song, that develops gradually with mild cross rhythms from the keyboard, blended with rich harmonies and scalic fragments through the strings.

Ludovico Einaudi

For the first time in his profession in anticipation of the album launch, Einaudi made available piano so thousands of two tracks, “Elements” as well as “Night”, complete with the totally free original backing tracks.

Einaudi discussed the themes associated with “Elements” in a September 2015 podcast with The Mouth Mag.

‘Elements’ Music Video – Live

About the project

Upon September 22, 2012, Einaudi performed a project called “The Elements” at the Auditorium Apacible della Musica in Ancient rome as a tribute to their mentor, Luciano Berio, influenced by the four classical aspects of air, water, earth, as well as fire. One piece through the project, “Newton’s Cradle”, made an appearance on his 2013 release, Industry Lapse.

The track “Four Dimensions” from this album had been also, for the most part, recorded reside from the 2012 project’s overall performance.