Ludovico Maria Enrico Einaudi OMRI (born 23 November 1955) is an Italian pianist as well as composer. He trained in the Conservatorio Verdi in Miami and under composer Luciano Berio in the early 1980s. Einaudi started his career as a traditional composer, and began integrating other styles and genres-including pop, rock, world songs, and folk music.

Ludovico Einaudi composed the scores for several films and trailers, such as the Intouchables and I’m Nevertheless Here, the TV miniseries Physician Zhivago, and Acquario within 1996, for which he received the Grolla d’oro with regard to best soundtrack. He has additionally released a number of solo photos of piano and band, notably I Giorni within 2001, Nightbook in 2009, and a Time Lapse in 2013. Taranta Project, a collaborative album, was released in Might 2015, and Elements was launched in October 2015. Check Ludovico Einaudi piano sheet music page.

‘Underwood’ by Ludovico Einaudi